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  1. Gary Lising

    Have you considered the Multicultural Helping Hand Society @ Fraser and 32nd in East Van. I will be going to visit the location sometime this week.


    1. saige

      Hey Gary, I think we have secured a space with Kiwassa Community house. Thanks for replying and being so helpful with your suggestions.

  2. Mark Matthews

    Have two more posibile locations for bi-weekly food bank. I hope these locations may be of assistance.

    : St. David Of Wales Anglican Church
    2475 Franklin, N/W corner of Franklin & Kanloopes
    ( one block north of Hastings, one block east of Nanimo.

    : Our lady Of Sorrows
    500 block of Slocan ( S/W corner of Slocn & Pender )
    ( oneblock south of Hastings )

    Yours Mark Matthews

    1. saige

      Hey Mark, Ryan here – the other organizer of Saige. We think we got a space with Kiwassa community centre. Its approved for at least Sept – hopefully permanent. Thanks so much for the suggestions and info!

  3. Lukas W

    Hi Ryan and Jeff, really happy to hear you have secured a space with Kiwassa House. They do awesome work! Here’s hoping arrangements can be made for long-term.

    You’ve created something truly beneficial; nothing blesses a community more than moving a labour of love into sustainability. This is exactly what legacies are made of… making something good happen without any other motivation than to make something good happen.

    As always, this project, and all those involved, has my unwavering support and appreciation.

    Lukas Walther

  4. saige

    Thank you so much Lukas. Look forward to running into you again sometime. Also keep an eye open for our new Community Kitchen coming the end of January!

  5. MWilson

    thank you thank you thank you..!! once again, my son and i love what you do for the community and i will be there to volunteer again ^.^

  6. Erik LaRiviere

    Ryan&Tanya exellent web site and sounds like you have real cool community food bank there in Vancouver on Oxford St. It sounds like it is helping htose in need who need it most.Collen fuller our cowichan valley food bank checked out your web site and i guess she was immpressed by it.good work.

    1. admin

      Thanks so much for your kind words. Kiwassa Community Centre is amazing for letting us use there space. We are forever grateful to all our sponsors!

  7. LGBTbot

    Awesome Food bank so we have added your site to our search engine
    Thank you for the community support. 🙂 LGBTBOT

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Happy New Year to all and Happy 4th Anniversary to Saige!

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Website up again!

Hello all, Apologies about the last few months as our website has been inaccessible and not feeling well. We are now back up and running and have much to catch up on. Please be patient as we fill in the gaps!  Check out our 2015 flyer for future dates. Thanks for your patience, Saige Staff

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